Persönliche Illustrationen und die Schatten meines Lebens

Finding the right balance

Finding the right balance

Glück lässt mich verdursten,
doch ich rechne mit dem Wolkenbruch
Und teil mit Dir was übrig bleibt,
das Universum durch die Zeit

– Das Gezeichnete Ich – Du, Es und Ich

Said but true

Said but true

Unaffected I remain
Insensible, immune and deaf
Untouchable like clouds
You took me this far
You made me need to change
You took me this far
I never will return

– Diorama, Said but true

It is a long lane that has no turning

A story drawn. A story told.

Ein kleiner Prinz

Here is a very personal piece of art, I’ve created a while ago.
In the meanwhile, many things have changed and it has kinda lost its importance.

So, here it is.

A little prince

Night falls
And towns become circuit boards
We can beat the sun as long as we keep moving

– Maxïmo Park, Books from Boxes

Because …

Weil meine Hand an diesem Morgen in die Leere greift
und nur ein Bild von Dir in all meinen Gedanken kreist.
Weil wegen Dir die Schwere Einzug in meine Zeilen hält.
Du fehlst mir: weil ohne Dich was fehlt …

– Debo, Ich vermiss Dich (Nachtflugmix 2012)

Once upon a heart

Absorbed in the lips of a graceful dancing princess.
Too deeply affected, too bright the sun.
But my shadows have always loved you.

– Diorama, Belle?

While there’s life …

There is always hope,
and the strongest and the bravest
will always keep it close to them
For if you surrender hope, then love was right to leave you

– The Crüxshadows, Helen (No Troy Mix)